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About Carol


About Carol

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Carol grew up in Eastern North Carolina on a family farm. When Carol was 8 years old, her mother died and it was through that loss that she began to search for eternal presence. As a child she would say how much she missed her mother’s face. It was not until later in her study of the Word and word meanings that she realized that the word ‘face’ means ‘presence,’ so what she was saying was that she missed her mother’s presence. The loss drew her to pursue the presence of God. It was at the age of 29 that she experienced His presence when she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and has continued to seek His face, His Presence. From the outset, Carol had a tremendous hunger for the Word of God and that passion has only grown. Carol has been married for 42 years and has two married children.

From Carol

Her life's passion

God has given me a passion to help people be prepared for the Lord Himself, and out of that relationship with Him, realize their purpose for which they were created. Little did I know that the setting of farm life as a backdrop of my childhood would prove to be a foundation for the understanding of the heart of the Father. We were a community of people working together for a common goal: to honor our father’s heart by helping him cultivate the soil, plant the seed, and bring it forth into fruitfulness to reap a harvest. When the seed is sown in the spring, it gives birth to hope and sends cry of vision. Where there is vision, there is action. The scope and sequence of our actions brought the fulfillment of the seed’s purpose—Fruit. As a believer, you are like that seed: You were created for a purpose (a seed of greatness), and where there is purpose, there is provision and power to fulfill that purpose. It is the Father’s heart of God to see the seed of Christ bud, bloom, and bear fruitfulness for His Kingdom and His Glory.

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