A Diddy from Heavenly City, For Men

God is in need,Of men like you.That have dismounted their steed,Of self-reliance,And come into complianceWith a man called Christ,For He is altogether good and nice.Make Him known,In your zone.Go forth in His name,And bring Him fame! Isaiah 26:8Matthew 23:11

Family Buoys

The lobsterman plunges his trap beneath the tide,And waits to see the lobster stride.For the stories to be toldOf generation after generation’s gold.It’s our way of embracing the provision of God,As year after year our hearts nod.He is willing and able,To keep our family stable.As our colors float,To identify our family boat,We say thank you, …

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Gifts of the Sea

When we reconnect with the Source of our lives, we enter into rhythms of His grace, love, faith, and patience that give way to the treasure of the deep washing up on the shores of our lives. Anne Lindburgh Psalm 107:24, “These see the works of the Lord and His wonders in the deep.” We become …

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My Daily Creed

I am the place that God shines through, for God and I are one not two. I will not worry, fret, nor plan—God wants me where and as I am. If I be relaxed and free, God will work out His plan through me. Van Watson