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JESUS: Desired One of All the Ages

What Jesus is to you, that is what He will be through you. The declaration of this maiden in Song of Solomon 5:10-16 is a picture of a believer that not only knows Jesus in Truth and Spirit, but in his/her experience. Her declaration of Jesus in this passage is one of the most profound descriptions of the Majesty of Christ. Our response is a heart of worship to Him.


Fear Not Little Flock:

Our biggest fear is that we don’t believe that God is good. Luke 12:32 is a verse that Jesus used to dispel that fear. This little booklet teaches every aspect of that scripture revealing that God desires to be good to us.


Understanding the Spirit of an Orphan Vs. the Spirit of Sonship:

I had the privilege of being trained at Jack Frost’s Leadership Training School. This is the foundational understanding he taught us on the Spirit of an Orphan vs. the Spirit of Sonship. This revelation changed my life and it will change yours. Jack used to say at school, “No Sonship, No inheritance, No influence.” Little did I know how much that statement would be a seed of transformation to my thinking and living as a daughter of the Most High God.

David Booklet

Training for Reigning - The Life of David:

When God calls, He qualifies. We are in Training for Reigning for the sphere of influence that God assigns to us in the earth. The 5 prophetic seasons of David’s life in this booklet enable us to discover our prophetic seasons of development in God for our divine purpose! This revelation will transform you from Glory to Glory!


Song of Solomon:

Song of Solomon is one of the greatest testimonies of God's affection towards humanity. The purpose of Him testifying His affections for us is to engage ours towards Him. Henry Scougal says in his book, Life of God in the Soul of Man, that you can see the worth and excellency of a soul in the object of what it loves. Your affections will determine the direction of your life.

The revelation in this Song will literally transform your heart to be sold out for the love of God, to receive it and be transformed by it–forever.